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"Seriously... I have never, ever, had such an amazing meditation experience in my life as I did on Sunday. I literally was everything... I felt like I was in a worm hole traveling through dimensions but actually being THE universe/dimensions at the same time... thank you so much for what you do by being who you are. So true and pure. I am so grateful for your being. Thank you for sharing yourself." -Justine

"Everyone should come experience this... its incredible, relaxing, psychedelic, stimulating, meditative, healing, restorative, and opens up channels in your energetic body. Its effects are long lasting, amazing and deeply permeating... I could go on and on." -Maggie

"I saw my favorite dead people, moved my body in unfathomable ways and traveled the milky way and back to earth tonight. SO SO SO GOOD!!!! thanks SO much, dear Emily Blanche for the gong mediation." -Karina

"This is better than beer. Before class I was thinking about leaving early to go and drink, now I don't feel the need at all." 
-Lodestar Day Resource Center client

"I have experienced Emily's yoga teaching along with gong meditation and felt compelled to share my thoughts. The meditation experience was relaxing and powerful, while stimulating and invigorating to my body and mind. By profession (real estate) my work is often stressful, complicated and physically challenging, however, at days end it is equally joyful. To have a gentle release from a day full of challenges in Emily's meditation it is a welcome blessing. This ancient form of gong mediation is thought to have started before 2000 BD and with its popularity in today's culture it proves the practice has merit as much now as it did in the past. Once your experience the gong mediation you will see how powerful and relaxing it truly is. 
Personally, I feel Emily's hand is guided by the spirits of the past as she slow, thoughtfully and gently taps the gong and its sound vibrates into the should of the student. Along with the positive energy and light sent to us through the gong. Every day brings new obstacles to overcome both mentally and physically and with this form of mental and spiritual rejuvenation available to us it is well worth the time and energy." -Michelle