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About Gold Lion Healing Arts

Emily Blanche is a creative and nurturing yoga teacher, respected for her delivery of yoga and meditation practices that encourage self love, patience, and upliftment both in class and in life. With over two decades of experience, Emily serves a diverse population which includes people of all ages, experience levels, and physical abilities. Her classes integrate practices from Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga traditions as well as sound healing to support physical well being, stress relief, and peace.

Emily embarked on her exploration of yoga in 1992 when she began studying Kundalini Yoga and met Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga, in 1993. She became a certified Bikram Yoga instructor and started teaching from that tradition in 2002, furthering her training and offerings to include Vinyasa style classes by 2008. In 2009, Emily completed her certification as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and, in addition to teaching in yoga centers, helped to develop and teach outreach programs that served clients with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Autism. An intensive meditation training led her to travel and study in India, after which she began leading gong meditation events. She received training and certification in Kid's Yoga and taught yoga and sound healing to youth at CASS (Central Arizona Shelter Services campus) starting in 2012. Since that time, her yoga classes and gong events have expanded around the Phoenix Valley and, with becoming a mother in 2014, she has developed further events that support mothers and families.

In addition to her yoga career, Emily has been a business owner and clothing designer, having owned and operated boutiques and been featured in local fashion shows. She is known among many communities for her big heart, creative spirit, and her ability to bring people together in ways that generate connection, acceptance, and joy.

Yoga classes with Emily are welcoming and inviting to all. Her classes teach participants to love their bodies, find calm from within, and give tools for soothing depression, anxiety and other life stresses while building community and personal strength.


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"Seriously... I have never, ever, had such an amazing meditation experience in my life as I did on Sunday. I literally was everything... I felt like I was in a worm hole traveling through dimensions but actually being THE universe/dimensions at the same time... thank you so much for what you do by being who you are. So true and pure. I am so grateful for your being. Thank you for sharing yourself."


"Everyone should come experience this... its incredible, relaxing, psychedelic, stimulating, meditative, healing, restorative, and opens up channels in your energetic body. Its effects are long lasting, amazing and deeply permeating... I could go on and on." -Maggie